What is the difference between Jun, Kefir, Kombucha, etc.?

Kombucha is fermented by an heirloom culture (or SCOBY) using sugar as the primary food source for the bacteria and yeasts. 
Jun is fermented similarly, but with honey being the primary food source as opposed to simple sugars. 
Kefir, and in our case Water Kefir, are grains of symbiotic bacterias and yeasts that produce a wholly different beverage profile by much of the same processes found in Kombucha/Jun. 

Where does your tea come from?

Our tea comes from exceptionally well-run farms in China, Taiwain, Japan and elsewhere - particularly in the areas of Wuyi and Yunnan. These regions have long traditions of natural farming, world-famous quality, and even fermented teas. We only buy directly from farmers who have access to both new and ancient tea plants as age of the tea plant influences the taste and biological composition of its leaf. Overall, we work with people who honor the tradition of tea-making who also push the boundaries of modern taste. 

 Outside of tea what do you use for fermentation?

The other substrates we use are herbs, flowers, seeds, etc. that are found within the herbal medicine tradition. However we utilize them for their taste and responsiveness to fermentation and not necessarily for their traditional healing properties - while looking to these traditions for ideas of how to work with these substrates. 

How do I purchase your ferments?

Order online or find them at the following establishments:
•Four Horsemen
•Pinch Chinese
•Fort Defiance
•Threes Brewing

I'm interested in carrying your drinks for my restaurant/bar/etc. how do I work with you?

Please email us info(at)unifiedferments.com and we will get back to you shortly.

What is your background?

Our founders have experience in brewing, distillation, etc. but also have been in the tea business for years and are deeply respectful of the history and culture of tea and tisanes. Unified Ferments is our attempt to honor and interact with them in a personal, thoughtful way.