About Us

Our company lives at the intersection of two culinary wisdom traditions: tea production and fermentation.

Both practices have a lineage which extends to edge of prehistory, and both represent an innately productive relationship between humans and their natural surroundings - both in our ability to harmonize symbiotically within an environment and take imaginal leaps into the unknown.

While we’re making no great leap as the first roasted tea, brined vegetable, or fruit wine, we work to answer a fairly simple question for ourselves: why does one of the most recognizable styles of fermentation that uses such a deep ingredient fall kind of... flat? Why has kombucha become soda?

With a deep background tea production and fermentation styles, we work to maximize the gastronomic depth that thoughtfully produced teas provide by using fermentation as a vehicle to unpack and translate flavors. We find our results a bit closer to wine than lemonade, and that’s why we cared enough to start a company about them.

Operating out of Brooklyn since 2019, you'll start seeing on menus and wine lists around NYC as the perfect non-ABV compliment to a significant meal. Or for something a bit more intimate, our online store is just a click away. 

Thank you for your interest in what we do! 

Oh yeah, and tea is just the beginning…



the Unified Team