We are a small 2-human operation (at the moment)

We brew, age, bottle, and label by hand 

There is a chance that it can be up to 3 weeks for your bottles to ship

While we sincerely believe we can get your product to you before that, that is the longest it can take 

It is more important that we get a good product to you fast than a bad product to you quickly :)


This product is ALIVE, and as a living product we keep it cold

You should be around your house when recieving a shipment - especially if it’s a hot summer day 

We equip our packages with ice packs and use priority shipping so that our product gets to you in tip-top shape. An afternoon of baking in the sun kind of negates the effort lol. 


Throw this stuff in stemware 🥂️

It feels good to do it, it opens up the aromatics, and you deserve to have a special bevvy in a nice glass 

That’s all thanks for reading